Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Behold the glory of CTMH My Acrylix stamps

In response to my good friend Jen's question about the stamped stitching on my last card, I thought I would post a little bit about CTMH's My Acrylix clear stamps.  One of the reasons I love CTMH so much is because of the quality of their clear stamps.

Now I have to let you know I haven't been stamping for long and have never seriously used rubber stamps before.  I have played around with them, mostly using them on multi-colored ink pads on fabulous Lisa Frank paper when I was younger, but I am not the most experienced with them.

One of the first reasons I like stamping is that it is so cost effective for me.  I have a habit of buying stickers and other embellishments to use on a project and then never use them.  Why?  Because if I use it, it is gone and I would have to buy it again to recreate that same project.  I am at heart a cardmaker and I usually make at least 2 of every card that I design because I have a habit of giving the darn things away. I then have nothing left to show at home gatherings and workshops (note 1) or to pet at night (note 2).   So back to the point, I like to make multiples of my card project.  With stickers and thickers and stuff I have to buy two of everything I want to use.  At $2 - $5 a pop for stickers, that can really add up.  Let's not even get into Alphabet stamps and such.  With stamps, I have a one time investment and then can use them again and again and again (note 3 and 4). 

Now why do I love CTMH stamps so much?  Easy!  They are so flexible, not only in texture and form but also in use!  Here is an example!  So for my project for the H2H challenge, I used the stitch stamp from the Cupcake Sprinkles set.  Pictured below in a knot:
Curved to fit on a circle card:

Or just plain ol' straight:

When I don't have a stamp with the sentiment I want?  I create my own!  I place the letters on the project how I want them (seen here on a artistic swoosh I drew with a sharpie):

Pick them up on the block:
And stamp away!

That brings me to another reason why I love CTMH My Acrylix.  I can see what I am doing.  I can see precisely where I am putting each and every stamp through the block. There is no guessing or getting out a ruler or setting up a jig.  I just ink up my stamp, eyeball it and smoosh it down. 

My last reason just has to do with quality.  Many clear stamps don't work well with dye inks.  I have a couple of clear stamps sets bought pre-ctmh that I can't use any of my dye inks on.  The ink pools on the surface even after conditioning.  Some other clear stamps aren't as deep as CTMH so that it is very easy to ruin your project by getting the block inky and smearing ink all over your project.  Last but not least, My Acrylix are a special polymer blend that is made by CTMH that holds detail better than other clear stamps.

So that is a little lesson in CTMH My Acrylix and some stamping techniques!  Can you behold the glory now too?

And Jen to answer your question, that is just a plain ol' stamp!

  1. My first workshop was rough since I gave away the finished project before the workshop and had nothing to display to give people an idea of what they were to do! 
  2. Yes, I sometimes take my finished projects out and admire them all by my lonesome.  
  3. Just ask my Friendship Blessings stamp set, I bought it used and have already put some serious miles on that thing.
  4. Why no! I don't have a ton of embellishments and rub-ons and stickers sitting unused in a drawer!  *shifty eyes*
Supplies used:

  • Ink:  Chocolate
  • Stamps:  Hodgepodge Alpha and Cupcake Sprinkles

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