Monday, February 16, 2015

Rainbow Hat!

So funny story, I knit this hat twice!

I was cruising around the craft store with my friends, Holly and Dee Dee and we ran across this beautiful yarn from Lion Brand, Landscapes in Promenade.  I had to have it, I had to make something with it.  I was a woman on a mission to make myself a hat from this beautiful yarn.  

I picked out the Noro Spiral One Skein pattern from Ravelry (user name Angievcrafts) and away I went.  I quickly cast on and then after the ribbing promptly frogged it cuz that is always how I roll.  It was too small.  I started again with an increase in stitches and quickly knit the whole hat.  I made a mistake about halfway in and put a decrease in the wrong place but didn't notice until I was starting the decrease.  After knitting it all up , I came to the heartbreaking conclusion that I had decreased too early.  The hat was no where deep enough to fit on my head.  Because the hat wasn't deep enough and the mistake halfway through and the general looseness of the stitches, I ripped it all out and did it all again.  Pretty huh?

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  1. love love love this hat, that wool is amazing :)