Friday, May 31, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week 11 and 12

Oy! I didn't realize how much time had gone by since I last posted!  Here we are with weeks 11 &12.  Week 11 I didn't have a ton of photos and week 12 my photos were all from one even pretty much so I combined them.  I am taking it easy like that!

This layout features the first picture of my kitty, Morgan.  I can't believe she hasn't made it in the book yet.  Morgan just turned 15 years old and I can tell she is feeling her age.  It is going to break my heart when she gets too old to go on.

I used the Jade PL Core kit pretty heavily on this layout.  The title card, Morgan card and Living in the Moment card are all from those kits.

The True story card is from a Studio Calico kit and right now I am too lazy to figure out which one.  Judging by the color I would say it is from Neverland along with the lucky card on the opposing page.   Did you see how lazy I was with the photo in the bottom right corner?  I did a half-ass collage in Picasa and then stuck crappy Recollection stickers right on top.  I hate it but it is completed so I am not going to stress about it.  I also half-assed on the Lucky card by not even journaling or embellishing and just sticking it in.

I did spend a little time being creative on the other side of the layout though.  On the bottom right corner, I used 2 photos, a cut down page protector, washi tape and Jade journaling card to make a flip flap.  I had previously cut down a Design A protector for an insert.  I cut off one 4x6 inch space and washi taped it to a photo.  With just a little trimming the photo fits in the pocket and gives a little interactivity to the layout.

So... I am thinking about recording a video with my Picasa photo selection/editing/printing process?  Anyone interested in seeing it?

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